Karma: Spectacular test runner for JavaScript

Karma is a test runner for JavaScript. Its modular approach allows running unit and integrations tests in arbitrary runners using any testing library. This flexibility is especially useful to ensure the behavior stays the same between the various browsers on the market.

I joined the Karma team in 2014 after asking Vojta Jína whether I could give a hand! Thanks for the opportunity.

The tasks I took care of were diverse:

  • add new features and fix bugs in all the Karma repositories
  • provide support to the Karma users on the mailing list
  • triage issues on the core and the satellites repositories

It was an exciting and rewarding experience. I have learned a lot: how to deal with a community, how to deal with the user priorities, or even how to organize myself to make sure I am as efficient as possible for the team. I have been much less active since 2016, but it’s always a pleasure to have a glimpse at the project to see how it is evolving.